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Our legal team is committed to navigating the complexities of the dynamic sports and entertainment industries, ensuring that your legal needs are met with precision and strategic insight.

We Provide Representation for:

  • Contract Negotiations

    • Player Contracts

    • Entertainment Agreements

    • Sponsorships and Endorsements​

  • Intellectual Property Protection

    • Trademark Registration

    • Copyright Counseling

    • Licensing Strategies

  • Image Rights Management

    • Branding Rights

    • Image Licensing

  • Licensing and Endorsements

    • Product Endorsements

    • Licensing Agreements

  • Events and Venue Agreements​​

    • Performance Contracts

    • Venue Negotiations

  • Media and Content Distribution​​

    • Content Licensing

    • Media Rights Deal

From contract negotiations to image rights management and regulatory compliance, our commitment to excellence, industry insight, and unwavering dedication make us the partner of choice for those seeking unparalleled legal representation in the dynamic realms of sports and entertainment.

Contact The Saber Firm to schedule a consultation today!

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