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Attorney Taalib Saber
Principal Attorney & Founder 

Taalib Saber is a seasoned attorney and multifaceted professional known for his significant contributions in law, filmmaking, and community activism. As the principal attorney at The Saber Firm, LLC, he specializes in Business, Sports and Entertainment Law, and Estate Planning, bringing over eight years of legal experience to his practice.

His accolades include the 2018 Men Impact Change Award, along with consecutive Washington Bar Association Young Lawyer’s Division Rising Star and Best Committee Chair Awards in 2020 and 2021.


With extensive experience working with musicians, artists, and young entrepreneurs both in the United States and abroad, Saber exemplifies a holistic approach to law and community engagement, leveraging his legal expertise and creative vision to drive positive change and empowerment within and beyond the African diaspora.


In addition to his legal career, Saber is a passionate filmmaker who utilizes his creative talents to shed light on social issues. Inspired by his experiences in South Africa, Saber embarked on the creation of the acclaimed documentary series, "Afro-Hop: Politics and Hip Hop," exploring the intersectionality of music, politics, and pan-Africanism.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Saber is a dedicated pan-African community activist and organizer, actively engaged in uplifting and empowering people of African descent. He serves as the Executive Director of Kazi za Wahenga, a Maryland-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing African heritage through various programs, including African Birthright Tours, Swahili Language Courses, Know Your Rights Classes, Criminal Expungement Clinics, and Leadership Conferences.

His commitment to community extends further as a board director of The Tubman House, a Baltimore-based organization focused on community development and re-entry support for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Recognized for his impactful work, Saber has been featured in interviews by major media outlets such as ABC, FOX, the Afro, Washington Times, and the Intercept, highlighting his efforts in advocating for the Black community. He has delivered keynote speeches at international conferences and universities, addressing topics ranging from leadership in Africa to entrepreneurship and pan-Africanism.

In 2022, Saber spoke at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, advocating for the rights of people of African descent in the United States, emphasizing the importance of addressing racial discrimination and systemic inequalities.


Saber graduated from Morgan State University with his bachelor's degree in political science. After interning for Maryland State delegates and senators, he decided to attend law school.


He then graduated from North Carolina Central University School of Law in 2015 with a focus Human Rights and Constitutional Law. 

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